Microsoft's Bing Image Creator actually flagged "Bing" with a content warning

Microsoft Bing Image creator

On Tuesday, Microsoft launched Bing Image Creator, which allows users to create AI-generated artwork from text-based prompts. In the day since its launch, some people have been surprised at how restrictive the service is with certain inquiries.

One of the restricted comments is from Twitter user Shane Parr, who sent a message to Microsoft's Mikhail Parakhin, the company's head of Advertising and Web Services. Parr showed a screenshot of Bing Image Creator flagging just the word "Bing" with a Content Warning.

Bing flagging bing

Parr felt that "the content warning setting is wildly off on this one." Even Parakhin admitted in his response, "We seem to be overblocking quite a bit..."

However, today Parakhin posted another message that shows that Microsoft knows about these strong guard rails, but says that they will be relaxed over time:

Hopefully, Microsoft will allow Bing Image Creator to use "Bing" in its generated artwork soon. Paraklin also stated that the new feature should be available fully in the Bing Chat service on Thursday after a limited number of users tried it out this week.

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