Microsoft's HP Elite x3, Desk Dock and Lap Dock bundle is here to stay, now costs $1,298

Last month, as part of its Black Friday promotions, Microsoft launched the HP Elite x3 Holiday Bundle. It included the flagship Windows 10 Mobile handset, along with a Desk Dock and notebook-style Lap Dock, as well as a screen protector and cover for the phone.

Microsoft initially priced the Holiday Bundle at $1,149, offering substantial savings over the total cost of buying each of those items individually, which would ordinarily add up to $1,462. But a few days later, it quietly dropped its price even further, reducing it to $999, a savings of almost 32%.

That deal finally ended on December 3, but a revised version of the bundle is sticking around. Microsoft has dropped the 'Holiday Bundle' branding, renaming it the 'HP Elite x3 + Lap Dock Bundle'.

The bundle now includes just the handset, Desk Dock and Lap Dock, so if you want the phone screen protector and cover, you'll have to pay more. The price is now a lot higher too - the new bundle will set you back $1,298; if you were to purchase the Elite x3 with Desk Dock ($799) and Lap Dock ($599) separately, your credit card would be $1,398 worse off, so the bundle will save you $100 (just over 7%).

According to the store listing, the new bundle is a special offer, which will end on April 14, 2017.

Source: Microsoft Store

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