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Microsoft's Office apps on iPadOS will reportedly get mouse support by this fall

Apple introduced trackpad support for iPad devices with iPadOS 13.4 earlier in March. With the new Magic Keyboard bringing a trackpad to the newer iPad Pro models for the first time, it wouldn’t be surprising to see app developers begin building in support for cursors in their apps, as the inclusion of a cursor brings more use cases that can leverage the device’s prowess.

One of the companies that brings support for new features for iPads early on is Microsoft, especially with their productivity apps. Now, TechCrunch reports that the Redmond giant will be adding trackpad support for its Office suite apps in the fall of this year. This feature will be a welcome addition for those that use the apps since it brings a more precise pointing solution, especially in apps such as PowerPoint or Word.

However, The Verge reports that the support for cursors might actually arrive before the fall. It adds that the support will make its way to the standalone suite of apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint – along with the unified Office mobile app on iPadOS. The company plans to maintain the individual Office apps for now, along with the unified one, it adds.

It will be interesting to see what new features the company brings along with support for a cursor, and how it improves the usability of these offerings. It is likely that Office Insiders will receive the feature first for gathering feedback, after which it will be released to all users.

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