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Minecraft Dungeons gets cross-platform cloud saves, but you have to sync manually

Minecraft Dungeons logo above a number of playable characters and enemies in the game

Mojang Studios' Minecraft dungeon-crawler spin-off Minecraft Dungeons was launched almost one year ago on all major platforms at the time, but it was oddly missing the ability to carry your save data across different devices if you chose to buy the game on more than one console. Now, the developers have announced that the feature is available as part of today's update for the game, version

Cloud saves will allow players to sync their Heroes to the cloud, which they can then use to play on another console. However, the process isn't as automatic or fluid as some might hope. The game's Hero Select screen will have a new option that allows you to upload a specific Hero to the cloud, as well as download them to your console if you've already uploaded one. You have to do this manually every time you switch platforms, and there's a limit of 20 heroes that can be saved on the cloud at any given time.

Additionally, it's worth noting that DLC purchases don't carry over from platform to platform, so if you have equipped items from a specific DLC pack, they will be removed from your Hero when you load it up on a platform where you haven't bought the DLC. You also can't play on DLC maps unless you buy them on the platform you want to play on.

There have been four DLC packs released since the game's launch, so to be unable to carry over those purchases across platforms is likely going to be a problem for many players, and it takes away a significant portion of the impact of cloud saves. Regardless, if you happen to have bought the game and its DLC packs across more than one platform, this may be good news for you. Earlier this year, Mojang announced that over 10 million people had bought Minecraft Dungeons, so there's a solid fanbase that might have use for the feature.

Aside from that, today's patch includes a number of fixes and tweaks, including multiple crashes that have been addressed and a handful of other issues. The game is also now available in Chinese Traditional and Simplified variants across all platforms.

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