Minecraft The Wild Update comes out on June 7

Minecraft The Wild Update artwork

Mojang has been working on The Wild Update to Minecraft for quite some time now, with it being announced even before the last major update hit the blocky sandbox game last year. Now, the Microsoft studio has attached a release date to the highly anticipated release: June 7.

The Wild Update adds a couple of new biomes, fresh critters, blocks, and more to spice up the overworld. The Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp are the biomes players can stumble upon in their travels following the update.

The Deep Dark is a completely silent cave formation found deep underground, and home to the new Sculk blocks material. This biome is also where the Warden lives, a new blind and hostile mob that can be alerted by players making unnecessary noise. To make navigating this biome even harder, there are Sculk Shrieker traps that wake up the Warden by "shrieking" (as expected) when a player is nearby.

Avoiding the horrors of the Deep Dark, players can also find Mangrove Swamps, a new type of swamp biome hosting mangrove trees and their unique wood type, as well as mud blocks for easy clay making, and other usual swampy elements. The new ability to put a chest on a boat for traveling across water with a large number of items will be especially useful here too.

Aside from the Warden, Allay and Frogs arrive as new mobs. Allays are a new passive flying mob that are found near other hostile mob locations as captives. Once freed, players can offer them an item, which the Allay will use to collect other items of that same type found dropped on the ground. Meanwhile, Frogs will actually have three states in Minecraft: They start as Frogspawn, which turn into Tadpoles, which finally grow into full-fledged Frogs.

Minecraft The Wild Update will be rolling out across PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android on June 7. Bedrock and Java PC versions are getting the update simultaneously too.

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