More rumors of Start button addition in Windows 8.1 pop up

The Windows 8.1 Start button might look something like the one on Stardock's Start8 program

Rumors have been hitting the Internet for weeks that Microsoft is planning to add a Start button to the upcoming release of Windows 8.1, also known as Windows Blue. Today, ZDNet claims to have more details about how the Start button will work in Microsoft's free update to Windows 8, which is scheduled for a public preview on June 26th.'s unnamed sources claim that the Start button will look much like the Start button on Stardock's third party program Start8, and will also be placed in the same location; on the left bottom side of the taskbar. 

The Start button will not be immediately visible when a Windows 8.1 user is in the Modern style Start Screen or inside a Windows 8 app, according to the article. Instead, it will show up when a user moves the cursor over to the left bottom side of the screen.

The article also claims that Windows 8.1 will have a much requested feature for Windows 8 users; a way to boot directly to the desktop. People who don't want to see the Start Screen will also be able to mask it with an "All Apps" list in Windows 8.1. Finally, the article claims that the same background for the desktop UI can also be used for the desktop for the Start Screen in Windows 8.1. The idea is that having a common background for both will make switching between the two UI setups less of a jolt for users.

Source: | Image via Stardock

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