More rumors of Windows 8 tablets and notebooks reported

With the Windows 8 Release Preview now out in the open, the spotlight will move next to Computex, the annual PC trade show that's being held in Taipei next week. Bloomberg reports that a number of PC makers will be showing off new notebooks and tablets running on Microsoft's next operating system.

The report, which cites unnamed sources, claims that Toshiba will show both a Windows 8 tablet and what the story called a "notebook-type device". Acer is also supposed to show off a Windows 8 tablet next week at Computex.

Asus is reportedly planning to present some Windows 8 tablets with detachable keyboards at Computex. The tablets are supposed to be similar to the company's Android-based Transformer mode. Asus has already released a teaser for one of its tablet products.

Computex should also be a new opportunity to show off products running WindowsRT, otherwise known as Windows 8 ARM. The reports states that the Toshiba Windows 8 products will be running on an ARM-based processor by Texas Instruments, while at least one Asus tablet will be running on NVIDIA's Tegra 3 chip.

Qualcomm is also scheduled to show off a Windows 8 test device that will be running off its ARM-based Snapdragon processor. However, it is expected that most Windows 8 tablets released in 2012 will be running an Intel-based processor. More ARM-based Windows 8 products are expected to launch in 2013.

Source: Bloomberg

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