Mozilla releases Firefox 98 with automatic downloads

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Today, Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 98 with a new download logic and security fixes. Below, you will find out what is new in Firefox 98, which is now available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The main change in Firefox 98 for desktops is a new “optimized download flow”. It replaces the old prompt the browser shows each time you download a file from the internet. Firefox 98 now automatically downloads files instead of asking the user for permission. Mozilla says the new logic reduces interruptions and makes downloading files easier.

If you are not a fan of automatic downloads, Firefox lets you switch back to the old settings and make the browser ask you what to do with each file you want to save. Settings are file type-specific, which means you can set Firefox to ask for confirmation when downloading, for example, executable files only.

Another download-related change in Firefox 98 is that the browser no longer places downloaded files into the Temp folder on Windows and Linux. Firefox will either ask the user to select the folder for downloads or use the default one.

Mozilla also notes that Firefox 98 might change a default search engine after installing the latest version for some users. That is not because of the company deciding to pull a Microsoft on its users. According to the release notes, Mozilla Foundation could not secure formal permission to continue including specific search engines by default in Firefox. Still, you can restore missing search engines with a few clicks in settings.

Firefox 98 also contains various security fixes described on a dedicated page on the official website. Also, there are separate release notes for Firefox for Enterprise 98. You can download Firefox for Windows, macOS, and Linux from the official website.

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