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NeoBytes :) “I told you your phone is a worthless piece of..."

NeoBytes :) is an occasional feature on Neowin that takes a second glance at some of the big stories in tech, often with a cynical eye and always with a dose of humour.

Say what you will about Microsoft’s ‘Smoked By Windows Phone’ campaign – and boy, you guys have said plenty – but it’s certainly got people talking about the platform. And let’s face it, Windows Phone needs all the help it can get when it comes to raising awareness, given its uphill struggle in fighting preconceptions and ‘platform prejudice’ against the Windows brand.

Perhaps recognising the value of increasing visibility by taking challenges directly to the smartphone-buying public, Nokia launched its own version of the campaign, albeit with much, much lamer prizes, called ‘Blown Away By Lumia’. If you’re a Neowin regular, you’ll probably have heard of it already – particularly earlier this week when Samsung, choking on a mouthful of sour grapes after seeing its handsets getting repeatedly spanked by Nokia’s Windows Phones, declared the campaign “unethical”.

Nokia’s latest addition to its coverage of the campaign will do little to appease Samsung’s fury. In its new video, a ‘typical Delhi couple’ appears on screen, and the boyfriend is invited to participate in a challenge to take a photo, tag it and upload it to Facebook. Predictably, his Samsung Galaxy handset is indeed blown away by the Lumia handset of the Nokia rep.

His girlfriend is not impressed at all, and after hanging around in the background looking fed up while her partner has to go through the humiliation of holding up a sign and admitting his defeat before a crowd of onlookers, she gets the final word, telling him exactly what she thinks of his phone, as he sheepishly follows her off-camera.

Blown away by Lumia, slapped down by the other half. Priceless.

via WPCentral

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