NeoBytes :) This alarm clock wakes you up to a mind-blowing sensation 'down there'

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Probably hearing that alarm clock when you wake up in the morning is just one of the worst things ever as soon as you start your day. Not only it is annoying, but it's also an unwelcome reminder that you have to get yourself out of bed, and get on with the day.

But what if you could wake up in the morning to a mind-blowing frenzy? An alarm clock called Little Rooster aims to make your mornings feel so much better, by helping you achieve just that.

The Little Rooster, is a sex toy designed as an alarm clock, as the name implies. The device has 27 levels of 'ultra quiet' levels of peaking intensity, as well as three loud ones, for those who are deep sleepers. To use it, a lady has to wear the device inside her underwear. The device will start stimulating the person's sensitive parts down there five minutes before the alarm time. With this, once it reaches the set alarm time, the user will climax, leading to a truly awakening feeling. However, as YourTango puts it, some might even stay in bed longer just to continue enjoying the sensations.

While the device is obviously designed for women, we kind of think it should not necessarily just be limited for the ladies' enjoyment and pleasure.

The Little Rooster costs £69.00 ($92) for those who are interested in purchasing a unit for their next sleepytime. Delivery within the United States and United Kingdom is free, while it will set back £7 those who are not in these destinations. You can visit the Little Rooster store by clicking on the source link below.

Source: Little Rooster via YourTango | Image via Little Rooster

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