Netflix finally adds continuous play feature

There are millions of people who watch TV shows on Netflix, but until today when a user reached the end of an episode, they had to manually click on the "Next Episode" link to start watching the next chapter of a series. Today, Netflix announced a much needed and requested new feature that will do away with this inconvenience.

The feature is called "Post Play" and it is demonstrated in the video above. Basically, if you are watching a TV show and it reaches the end, the credits will roll in a minimized window while also showing you what the next episode will be like. The next episode will start up 15 seconds later if you decide to do nothing.

This will be a huge benefit for many TV show fans who like to watch a marathon of episodes but don't want to keep clicking on Netflix to make that happen. Netflix says the "Post Play" feature will work for movies as well. It will give three suggestions for your next movie while the film's credits are minimized.

At the moment, this new feature is only available on people who watch videos on Netflix's website, along with the Playstation 3 Netflix app. "Post Play" will be available for other Netflix supported devices in the near future.

Source: Netflix

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