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New Bing UI is showing up on mobile, but it doesn't work yet

The Bing logo on a blue background

Microsoft has been inviting people to test its new Bing experience, including the Bing chatbot AI, for over a week. Now, it looks like the company is showing the Bing UI to mobile users, but there's a catch.

Reddit users (via MSPoweruser) have reported the new Bing UI, and the Bing chatbot UI, popping up on mobile web browser. However, they all report that the new Bing doesn't work yet. It's possible Microsoft rolled out the UI ahead of time to some testers but hasn't yet turned the chatbot AI on yet for mobile users.

New Microsoft Bing mobile UI

Some of the screenshots posted on Reddit seem to show new modes for Bing's chatbot answers. They include “More Creative,” “More Balanced,” and “More Precise”. A recent report claims Microsoft has internal Bing chat modes for different tasks, including Game, Assistant, and Friend, that are normally not labeled as such by normal Bing users.

Hopefully, we will get more information on when the new Bing will be fully accessible to mobile testers. Microsoft has already put in some hard limits on how many times per day, and per session, people can access the Bing chatbot, and it's likely that they will be extended to mobile users as well.

Source: Reddit via MSPoweruser

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