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It looks like there's no more waiting around to try out Bing Chat

Cartoon Bing Chat

If you have hesitated to sign up for the waitlist to try out Microsoft's Bing Chat because you thought you would have to wait a long time, there may be good news. Sites like Windows Central and XDA Developers have reported that there are no more wait times when you go sign up at the Bing Chat page. We have attempted to contact Microsoft executives on Twitter to confirm the wait list has been done away with but so far we have yet to get a response back.

If the wait list is truly done, it may show that Microsoft is confident enough in the current Bing Chat developer to let most anyone try out the AI chatbot, When Bing chat was first launched over a month ago, some of its responses went off the rails. That forced Microsoft to put some hard chat turn limitations in place,

However, in recent days, Microsoft has expanded the chat turn limits to 150 per day, and 15 turns per session. It's also put in new features like the Tone Selector, which can alert how Bing Chat responds to an inquiry. It's also possible that the fact that Bing Chat uses the new GPT-4 could be a factor as GPT-4 is known to be better. Overall Bing Chat is responding more like Microsoft expected it to do, and now it looks like anyone can try it out for themselves.

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