New Elden Ring gameplay shows off a dragon fight, dungeons, co-op and more

Elden Ring promotional art

FromSoftware delivered a massive dose of Elden Ring gameplay today, showcasing more of the world, various combat encounters, multiplayer and more for almost 20 minutes. Catch the full reveal below, which begins at the 14-minute mark. The gameplay had been taken from an in-development PC build.

Quite a selection of magic-based abilities and attacks are used throughout the demo, which takes the player through the overworld where everything from a mounted dragon fight and a stealthy caravan attack to cooperative play is showcased. The video ends with a flashy boss fight against Godrick the Golden, a demigod and the ruler of Stormveil. This section should be avoided by anyone who doesn't want to see spoilers.

The weight of the combat looks very similar to the Dark Souls series, but some elements like stealth and the player's nimbleness should be familiar to Sekiro fans. We also got a closer look at the Site of Grace resting "bonfires" which can sometimes guide players on where to go in the open world. There will also be a deep map system available, letting players expand it using Map Fragments and even place waypoints that appear in the main world for easy orientation.

Elden Ring was recently hit with a delay that pushed its launch date back by a month from the original January schedule, much to the disappointment of the studio's massive fanbase. Console players won't have to wait that long to try the game out though, as a network test is slated to kick off on November 12. Registrations can be found here.

Elden Ring is releasing on February 25, 2022 across PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Physical Collector's Editions containing a 1:1 scale Helmet replica (only with Premium Collecters Edition) a 9" statue of Malenia, a Steelbook case, a hard-cover artbook, the original soundtrack and a copy of the game are also incoming.

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