New feature allows saving emails directly to OneNote

Microsoft has just added a new feature to Outlook, allowing users to save their important emails directly to OneNote from, and providing a direct cloud backup for important info.

The feature was spotted by Neowin user Nicola De leso, who first noticed the "save to OneNote" feature which he says was rolled out this morning.

To save emails directly to OneNote, users can select any email from their inbox and click on the "more actions" button in the upper right hand corner of the Outlook window. This will display a list of actions, with "Save to OneNote" near the bottom.

After selecting "Save to OneNote," users can choose the path where they want the email to save. Unfortunately, this must be done every time for every individual email that is being saved, so saving many emails at once could potentially be time-consuming.

Upon successfully saving the email to OneNote, Outlook will display text at the bottom of the email saying that it has been saved, with a link which allows users to see the email directly in OneNote.

Here is how the email will be displayed in the in-browser version of OneNote upon saving to the cloud:

Microsoft is ahead of the curve on this feature, as currently Google only allows users to save their emails to Google Drive in Gmail with use of a third-party add-on, and no other major email providers offer a similar feature.

For Outlook users who want to keep a secure backup of their important emails, this feature may prove very helpful in the future.

Source: News tip via Nicola De leso

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