New video shows Skype integration

Microsoft's came out of beta a few weeks ago and the company has been hitting the TV networks hard with a commercial campaign that shows some of the features of the web email service in an entertaining fashion. This week, Microsoft uploaded yet another video clip that was designed to showcase the service, and included one feature that's not currently available.

The video, posted on YouTube, at first shows how users can view slideshows of photos and also connect to social networks such as Facebook. It then shows an example of how can quickly launch into a Skype video call without having to leave the email. At the end of the video, it says that Skype support is "coming soon".

Obviously, having a quick way to launch Skype from within would be a huge selling point for the service and it's a shame that Microsoft doesn't have this feature ready for prime time yet. The fact that the company is showcasing this future addition in a video underscores how important it is for Microsoft to have Skype support inside Hopefully, we won't have to wait too much longer before this major feature is included.

Source: on YouTube

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