Nintendo DS: New and final design unveiled

In an unusual move for Nintendo, the Nintendo DS codename for their new dual-screen handheld is to be kept as the official name, making it the first hardware codename that has actually made it to the final product. Of much more interest is the game's new and final design. It gets a resounding thumbs-up from us with its sleeker, sexier, cyber good looks.

Click here to refresh your memory of the old DS design. We're sure you agree the new DS is a much neater piece of kit but there are practical improvements also. The face buttons and shoulder buttons are larger and the Start/Select and Power buttons have been swapped over. The original design did cause genuine concern to some of those that played it, as it was rather easy to accidentally hit the power button (turning DS off) when mashing the buttons. Now that the power button sits above the D-pad, this should no longer be a problem.

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