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Nintendo DS to feature undisclosed capability

Nintendo rep says the upcoming handheld will have a "secret" port and will likely come in different colors.

In the latest issue of Nintendo Dream magazine, Nintendo spokesman Mitsuaki Hagishima revealed that there is a secret on the Nintendo DS' hardware. Located on the bottom-right side of the handheld, next to the earphone plug, is a square hole for which Nintendo has not given any explanation.

"There's a little secret to this [hole]," comments Hagiwara in the magazine. "It looks as though you can plug something in there, but the stylus pen is going to be connected to the back [of the handheld], so...we'll reveal more in the future." Hagiwara also commented that Nintendo is currently considering the release of different color variations on the Nintendo DS, which would be similar to how the company has released different color models of the Game Boy Advance and GBA SP.

News source: GameSpot

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