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Nintendo's booth at E3 2015: amiibo's, Super Mario Maker and Star Fox Zero

Nintendo had a killer console on their hands with the original Wii and when they tried to evolve the idea of interactive gaming with the Wii U, something went wrong. Although the Wii U has struggled as a hardcore gaming console, Nintendo has slowly built up a fan base by introducing first party IP's like: Mario Kart, Super Mario and Super Smash Bros. With this year's E3, it's clear that Nintendo is mining their original IP's in an effort to pluck at the heart strings of consumers by invoking feelings of nostalgia.

While everyone wished Nintendo would introduce more details about the new Zelda title that was teased at last year's E3, instead we were surprised with some interesting titles for the Wii U like Super Mario Maker, Star Fox Zero and Yoshi's Wooly World. Naturally, Nintendo also announced and unveiled new sets of their popular amiibo's and an added content to last year's Super Smash Bros.

Stay tuned for more E3 2015 coverage as we enter into our second day of this three day gaming expo in Los Angeles.

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