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The IPHONE is now on sale in Brazil, runs Android, trolls consumers

If you happen to be headed down to Brazil anytime soon, you will have the option to purchase an IPHONE, but do not let the name fool you, the phone actually runs Android and has nothing to do with Apple.

A company in Brazil called Gradient has the exclusive rights to the IPHONE name in Brazil, likely to the chagrin of Apple, and is now using that branding to sell its own line of cellphones.  While you might think that company is simply trying to exploit the IPHONE name, and they very well could be, they did file for the trademark in 2000, long before Apple’s iPhone made its first appearance.

Why the company waited until now to build a phone with that branding is anyone’s guess but it seems certain that they are looking to cash in on the name after Apple successfully made the branding a household commodity.

The device runs Android 2.3.4, has a 3.7in screen, features dual SIM slots, front and rear cameras (no indication on the sensor size) and is priced at $285.00 off contract.

Unless the device packs some ridiculous horsepower under the hood (which we doubt, based on the known specs), this appears to just another Android device but has brand recognition thanks to a trademark filed many years ago. While the vast majority of consumers will likely know this is not an Apple device, we wouldn't be surprised to see a few shoppers duped into buying this thinking it was one of Cupertino’s products.

Source: Economia.estadao.com.br | Thanks for the tip @leoberto

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