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North Korean company Myohyang IT releases a new tablet called... the iPad

Actual iPad, designed by Apple in California

Since Apple introduced the first iPad back in 2010, the product line has become a household name. In fact, it's so common that other companies seem to want to use it, such as state-controlled North Korean company Myohyang IT.

The company just announced the Ryonghung iPad, a tablet that includes a 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 8GB of internal storage (16GB of external storage), and an 8-inch display.Weighing in at 250g, it promises six hours of battery life.

Of course, the specs are very low-end by today's standards, but it's currently unknown what kind of apps the device will actually be able to run in a region like North Korea, which has a total of 28 websites. There might be an app for the country's Manbang service that was launched last summer, lending new meaning to the phrase 'Manbang and chill'.

Apple hasn't commented on Myohyang IT's use of one of its most popular trademarks, and while the company undoubtedly isn't pleased with it, it's unclear what kind of legal action it could take against a company that's controlled by the oppressive North Korean government.

Source: NK News via Engadget

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