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NSA website 'for children' features code breaking cats and dogs

To say that the NSA has a public image problem would be an understatement. Perhaps in recognition of this fact, the beleaguered intelligence agency has attempted to reach out to a younger audience, a much younger audience.

America's Crytopkids, a flash-based website hosted by the NSA, is the place where pre-teens can go to learn about the benefits of the National Security Agency from the likes of "Crypto Cat" and "Decipher Dog," D-dog for short.

D-dog: keeping the world safe for all of us

While one might wonder if a dog could possibly possess the necessary qualifications to work at a government agency like the NSA, one quick look at his biography reveals that he is an ideal candidate. Asked about his "favorite computer project," D-dog explains how he was able to set up a wireless network for his entire family of seven. The best part? As administrator, D-dog can "check the programs to see which ones are being used, I can figure out which member of my family is using the network." You can't make this stuff up . . .

In addition to character biographies, the website also offers a Morse Code related mini game and the opportunity to learn about "How Can I Work For The NSA?" from a floppy eared rabbit.

According to the New York Times, America's Cryptokids actually has a surprisingly long history reaching all the way back to 2005.

Make sure to check out the full story, if only for the chance to see the prestigious Times attribute quotes to "turtle."

Source: New York Timesimage via NSA

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