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Windows 7 is fastest selling OS in history

Fast Company is reporting that the Director of Marketing for Microsoft's Entertainment and Device Devision, Craig Belinson, has said that "Windows 7 is by far the fastest selling Operating System in history." While this news may not come as much of a surprise, it's always nice to hear how well Microsoft's latest pride and joy is doing.

Sadly, Belinson didn't provide any software sales numbers to back up his claim. Instead, he brought PC sales numbers, which directly correspond to Windows 7 sales (since PCs come with the OS installed). He states that during the week of Windows 7's launch, there was a 50% jump in PC sales when compared to the previous week. In addition, Black Friday saw a 63% bump from a year ago, and the holiday season, as a whole, saw a 50% increase in PC sales. Just as a side note, a poll on Lifehacker, which was done just weeks after Windows 7 was released, showed that 41% of readers had already begun using Windows 7 as their primary OS.

While it's great to see Windows 7 be the success that Vista, unfortunately, was not, it's also important to remember that being the fastest selling OS doesn't mean as much as it once did. Back in the days of Windows XP there were far fewer computers in the world and before XP, there were even less. Of course Windows 7 is the fastest selling OS, there are many more PCs in the world than there were when Vista, or any other Windows OS was released. This fact will continue to dictate the future trend of OS sales. As evident from Belinson's comments, the more PCs sold in the world, the more copies of Windows sold. Microsoft's next major OS release will most likely see even better numbers than Windows 7 did (assuming it's not another Vista, of course).

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