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Nvidia GeForce 7600GS SLI Performance

After recently publishing an article which looked at the performance of two GeForce 7300GT cards in SLI, we have received a number of requests for a similar article based on the 7600GS. More than likely the reason is that the GeForce 7600GS has become a very affordable option over the past few months.

In fact just recently Newegg.com ran a rebate on the BFG 3D Fuzion GeForce 7600GS which reduced its price to $60. Unfortunately that opportunity is now gone, but for a short period of time you could have bought two 7600GS cards capable of running in SLI mode for just $120, which is roughly the price of a single GeForce 7600GT.

If you were to buy a mid-range Nvidia graphics card today, what would you get? Currently a no frills version of the 7600GS will set you back about $95, while the average 7600GT card is ~$140. Because of the close price range and the potential of being able to put two GS cards running in parallel, then the question becomes which will deliver the best performance?

View: Nvidia GeForce 7600GS SLI Performance @ TechSpot

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