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Obsidian's Avowed launches this fall on Xbox and PC, catch more gameplay here


Obsidian Entertainment is primarily known for its role-playing games, and the Xbox studio's next project received a sizable chunk of time from today's Xbox Developer_Direct presentation. Avowed, a first-person RPG set in the studio's Pillars of Eternity world Eora, received seven minutes of action at the show. The development team showed off the varied combat roles players can utilize as well as a side quest's progression.

Avowed Game Director Carrie Patel describes this world as "colorful, vibrant, strange" as players enter Eora's Living Lands, a previously unseen part of this fantasy world. The studio showed off small clips of forests, wastelands, beaches, and other biomes players will be exploring in their RPG journey. Check out the gameplay from the Xbox Developer_Direct showcase below:

Like previous games, combat here can involve melee weaponry, bows, magic, as well as firearms. For example, a player can be a wand-wielding mage that can pull out a couple of pistols to dual wield and quickly put an end to troublesome enemies.

The studio says it has implemented a loadout system to let players swap between multiple sets of weapons quickly, not letting them be stuck on a single weapon combo. This can involve a fire arm and a shield, sword and a wand, double wands, and any other combination.


The sneak peak the studio gave at a certain quest revealed Obsidian is focusing on decision repercussions once again, letting players experience the outcomes of their actions and verbal choices as part of world events and changes.

Avowed was first announced in 2020, and since then Obsidian has released the survival game Grounded and the 2D RPG Pentiment. It has also announced it is developing a sequel to The Outer Worlds. Avowed looks to be coming out next though.

Avowed does not have a firm release date yet, but Obsidian is planning to launch it sometime in the fall of 2024. The game is coming out on Xbox Series X|S consoles, PC across Steam and Microsoft Store, as well as Xbox and PC Game Pass subscription services on day one.

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