OnePlus 7 Pro's screen gets an A+ rating from DisplayMate

OnePlus 6T

Over the past couple of weeks, much has been said of the upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro, particularly in regards to its display. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau seems to be very confident in its quality, and rumor has it that it will feature a 90Hz refresh rate. Today, though, Lau offered what might be the closest we have to official information about the screen.

Through the OnePlus community forums, the company's CEO revealed that the OnePlus 7 Pro has received an A+ Top Tier Display rating from DisplayMate, a well-known organization that evaluates displays across a wide range of categories. Lau claims that the rating is owed to the "record-breaking display" of the upcoming flagship, though the compay still isn't confirming the refresh rate or resolution.

"Whether it’s the color accuracy, brightness, contrast accuracy or pixel density, the OnePlus 7 Pro scored exceptionally well across every parameter, providing you a markedly better, sharper, and more enjoyable viewing experience", Lau said, adding that there are also customizations available for the color gamut of the screen, so you can tune it to your own liking.

In addition to the positive rating from DisplayMate, the OnePlus 7 Pro also received a "Safety for Eyes" certification from the VDE Testing and Certification Institute thanks to its ability to filter blue light, which can be harmful.

With the launch event just over two weeks away, we can expect more details of the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro to start dripping out over the next few days. Either way, it seems like the company's focus is on the screen this year, which might be especially good news if you owned a OnePlus 5.

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