OnePlus: We're not working on a tablet, but our new phone "will surprise people"

OnePlus publicly acknowledged back in September that it has been working on a successor to its One (and only) handset. The company said that it was aiming for the device to go on sale in mid-2015, and in an interview this week, its CEO, Carl Pei, reaffirmed those plans, as well as sharing a few other tidbits.

Pei told Android Headlines that OnePlus has actually changed its mind "4 or 5 times" over the planned launch timeframe. But he added that the company has settled - for now - on a launch for the OnePlus Two in Q2 or Q3 of this year.

Pei was also asked about the size of the new device. In September, the company playfully avoided giving anything away on that subject in a Reddit AMA, and while he didn't exactly clear things up in his more recent interview, he did point out that the company has been similarly indecisive on this matter, as it has on its launch plans.

"We've actually changed the display size several times as well," Pei said. "The final product will surprise people."

While many people agree that the OnePlus One is an excellent handset, a common complaint is that the device is simply too large, with some suggesting that if 'one size fits all', that size should be a bit smaller than the current 5.5-inch display allows. Could the 'surprise' that Pei hints at refer to a smaller OnePlus Two?

Only time will tell. But one matter that has been definitively clarified is the question of whether or not OnePlus is working on a tablet, following persistent rumors that such a device was in the works. Disappointing those who were hoping the rumors were true, Pei crushed those hopes, stating that OnePlus has no plans to offer a tablet.

Unfortunately, Pei also revealed that the company's frustrating 'invite system' - which requires potential customers to jump through various hoops in order to win the right to buy its handset - isn't going anywhere.

Source: Android Headlines via BGR

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