OnePlus will forgo wireless charging in 5T in favor of its own Dash Charge

When it comes to offering a flagship handset, there are certain things that customers have to expect in 2017. As OnePlus readies its next handset for its November 16 unveil, the firm's CEO Pete Lau has chimed in on the topic of wireless charging and why the OnePlus 5T won't have it.

While Lau feels like the technology has matured quite a bit since its inception, but that the company's proprietary Dash Charge is still a superior option. Not only does Lau point out that Dash Charge can get your handset powered up much faster, in a shorter amount of time, but he also discusses the drawbacks of using wireless charging, like having to perfectly align the device on the pad to get the maximum charging rate or not being able to really use the device while it is charging.

In closing, Lau states that while OnePlus did consider implementing wireless charging into its handset, that it chose not to because Dash Charge just offers a better experience.

Source: OnePlus via Android Authority | Image via OnePlus

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