Outlook.com Android app updated based on your feedback

Microsoft's Outlook.com team has pushed out an update to the Outlook.com Android app that has a few bug fixes that will likely appease those of you who use the app on your Android phone. 

The updated app was released back in early April and this update to the platform shows Microsoft's commitment to keeping the app updated and polished for its end users. While we don't know if this quick release is part of Microsoft's rapid-release cycle or simply general best practices, either way, Microsoft is working quickly to push out updates to many of its products to keep them from going flat.

The updates to the app were based on feedback the Outlook.com team has received from its users. If you have a suggestion or have spotted a bug in the app, make sure to let the team know (you can reply here, we know they read these posts, or hit them up on Twitter) as they are listening to end users.

You can head on over to the Google Play store to get the update as it is now live in the store.

Source: Twitter

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