Paradox announces Campus expansion for Cities: Skylines

With the Industries expansion behind it, the PC version of Cities: Skylines is now on track to receive its next expansion. Titled Campus, this expansion will let players give their citizens a more varied higher education, from universities to liberal arts colleges, among other features.

Through the expansion, players will be able to build and design their own campus, which can be a trade school, liberal arts college, or a university. Reputations of these campuses can be increased by getting more students to enroll in them and creating academic works, which lead to unlocking new faculties.

College sports is another area that can be focused on, with Paradox bringing in sports arenas - football, basketball, baseball, track & field, and swimming - that will have teams competing in them. Players will also have to manage the home team by hiring coaches and cheerleaders, while also customizing the team's look and selling tickets for games. And for winning matches, there will be prizes to collect as well.

The expansion will also contain seven new policies to play around with, that include for-profit education and book fares, along with new maps, graduation ceremonies to attend, and as always, new achievements.

The Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion will release later this month on May 21 with a $12.99 price tag for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. Here's its Steam store page

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