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Paradox launches an open modding platform for both PC and Xbox One

Paradox Interactive and Microsoft announced today they have jointly worked to release a new independent open modding platform that will work across both Xbox One and PC. Dubbed Paradox Mods, the service is currently only available for Surviving Mars, with an update already out for the Xbox One version to add in support.

Once a mod creator signs up for the services and submits a custom made work, the mod will be directly available on both Xbox One and PC platforms without needing any more alterations. This one for all method of Paradox Mods is different from what Bethesda accomplished in Fallout 4 and Skyrim console mods, which require modders to set up different versions for each platform.

However, PC players will have to use the Paradox Launcher or GOG to download these platform-agnostic mods, which are separate from the current Steam exclusive Workshop mods that are available.

Paradox also plans to bring more games from its repertoire into this cross-platform program in the future, with Surviving Mars being only the first. Here are the studio's instructions on how to download and use the over 30 currently available console-certified mods through the new system:

Simply log into your Paradox Account from the Surviving Mars title screen, open the “Mod Manager” at the bottom of the screen to browse the mods catalogue, then select mods that you want to play and the game will automatically download and add them to your playing experience.

“Modding has been, and remains an important part of the Paradox community. As we have diversified the way we distribute our games, we want to make sure all our players can take part in the creation process,” Paradox Mods product owner Anders Törlind added. "We really look forward to unlocking the world of modding for all members of our community, regardless of what system they are using to play our games."

Surviving Mars Xbox One players are also getting another feature alongside this today, with Paradox Introducing keyboard and mouse support for the console. This should make many aspects of the city-builder much easier to manage.

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