Plex media streaming platform is now available as a snap on Linux

Canonical has announced that Plex, the media streaming platform, is now available as a snap package which means that it is easy to install and update on most Linux distributions which support snap packages including Ubuntu. By bundling Plex as a snap, the developers of the software can bundle any dependencies and push updates automatically ensuring users are always on the latest version.

Tamas Szelei, Software Engineer at Plex, said:

“The biggest appeal of Snaps is the simple installation mechanism. Canonical’s Snap Store provides an easy and secure way to distribute our software to an increasing number of consumers. What’s more, Snaps help cater to the more technical Plex user, who benefits from confined applications and the added sense of software security.”

Meanwhile, Canonical’s VP of Engineering, Devices & IoT, Jamie Bennett, said:

“When it comes to media, today’s consumers want instant access and choice without the fuss. Plex is the ideal platform to cater to their needs, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to the Snaps ecosystem. Today’s addition is a tribute to the growing strength of the Linux community. Plex’s use of Snap technology allows their developers to push out the latest features straight to the user – prioritising usability and security. Plex is another great addition to the Snaps portfolio and we look forward to more names joining in the coming months.”

Aside from automatic updates, snaps also allow maintainers to rollback software easily if they notice regressions and need time to develop a patch. On users’ machines, snaps are sandboxed from the rest of the system which offers further protection. If you use Plex and this news has interested you, you can download the snap right now and also take advantage of a 30 day free trial of Plex Pass by using this link and entering the code: PLEXPASS-SNAP.

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