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Pornhub: Windows users biggest desktop visitors in 2016, while mobile traffic rose

With the new year in full swing, adult video company Pornhub has taken a look back at the trends and insights of the previous year. It recently published its annual yearly review online, and we could say, it's quite interesting.

To start off, the company welcomed 23 billion sessions in the past twelve months, which registered nearly 92 billion video views. This is equal to 64 million visitors a day, watching 4.6 billion hours of porn in just a year. The United States is still the biggest visitor of the adult website, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Japan, and France, among many others.

Pornhub acknowledges the gradual shift of today's technology to mobile browsing, and with this in consideration, they found that 61% of their visitors stream content from their smartphones, an increase from 2015's 53%. Meanwhile, desktop usage is still covering a significant chunk at 28%. Tablets come third, registering only 11% of Pornhub's trafffic.

Moving to operating system usage, Pornhub found that Windows visitors dominate the desktop, garnering 80% share. While this is indeed a controlling chunk of the pie, it is noted that macOS and Linux users are on the rise, with 8% and 14% rise in usage, respectively. With mobile OSes, Android and iOS are almost at par with each other, with the former recording 50%, and the latter at 47%. Windows users are still hanging with 3% share.

When it comes to web browsers used to access Pornhub, 51% of desktop users prefer Google Chrome. Surprisingly enough, Internet Explorer is second best, recording a small yet still significant 14%. Mozilla Firefox and Safari, on the other hand, are on third and fourth place, respectively. Microsoft's newest browser, Edge, while it may come in 5th place, registered an 845% rise in usage. Pornhub attributes this to migrations from the Internet Explorer browser, which dropped 21%.

It doesn't end on desktop computers and smartphones, however; Pornhub reports that more and more people are choosing to view adult content on gaming consoles. PlayStations are the most popular among the crowd, with 53%, up from 2015's 46%. Xbox comes in quite close in second, recording 34% share. The Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS Vita also make the top five, though their shares are less significant than the two leaders.

Lastly, with Pornhub taking advantage of virtual reality technology, the website registered over 300% increase in views. It also found that Asian countries like China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines are leading when it comes to watching such videos.

You can check out a more in-depth report on Pornhub's 2016 statistics here, covering statistics per country, most popular categories, and more.

Source: Pornhub via The Next Web

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