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CES 2017: PowerAll makes portable batteries that you can use to jump-start your car

Portable chargers for our phones have a sort of awkward position in our lives. It's something that's a necessity for some users, but they can be a pain to carry around, especially when you might not even end up needing one that day.

PowerAll has an interesting solution, which lies in providing additional functionality. This company's portable batteries can actually jump-start your car or truck.

I know; it sounds a bit crazy, but portable batteries are there for those emergency situations where your phone's battery dies, right? What about the emergency situation where your car battery dies? Surely, the convenience of not having to ask around for someone to give you a jump is worth some value.

But that's not all. Some models even double (triple?) as a Bluetooth speaker, adding even more functionality.

The new model that was announced at CES is the Journey, which is the one that can be used as a speaker. The 600A jump-starter is enough to start a V8 engine, and the battery is 16,000mAh.

The Journey can be yours for $179.95, but all of the products range from $119.95 to $279.95. Note that the most expensive model is for large vehicles (such as trucks) and can actually damage a standard car.

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