PowerUser.TV Episode 42: Childcare Robot, Vista & More

This week on the show Brad makes a triumphant return (i.e., he found his way out of the parking lot and back to our facility). The team updates us on Blue Security, discuss a robot that can take care of your children and Apple launching the MacBook. The team also talks about two lawsuits: Creative is suing Apple over a patent infringement and record labels are suing XM over a piece of hardware. We also get an update from Brad on what's going on with Vista and his thoughts on the future of OS software.

In gaming news Joel tells us about a stock scam involving an ex-Infinium executive, a planned World of Warcraft movie and a new study that reveals that gamers are getting older. Plus we hear about another game, 'Fear Effect' being made into a movie and the cool game that is kicking Joel's butt this week.

Check it out!

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