ProtonMail 3.15 update brings contact groups and read receipts

ProtonMail has announced the release of version 3.15, which brings several new features. Among them, contact groups - which let you easily send out bulk emails -, read receipts - which, if your recipient confirms, will let you know that they checked the email -, and typo warnings in the address bar. There's also a storage limit notification to let you know if you’re about to run out of space.

With contact groups, you can add up to 100 email addresses to a group and manage them from the compose window. If you have a certain group of contacts who you regularly need to email setting up a group saves you time. To create a group, head to Contacts and select “Add contact group”. Once configured, begin writing a new email and type in the group name in the To: field. You can click on the group in the composer to get a pop-up where you can uncheck any recipients and check their encryption and signature status.

Another feature in this release is read receipts. When you send an email, you can press the More drop down in the compose window and select 'Request Read Receipt'. Once your contact gets the message there should be an option for them to confirm they got the message. Upon testing, the message appeared in a Gmail account on Thunderbird, but didn’t seem to appear on Gmail web. Given this, your mileage may vary.

Another handy change in ProtonMail 3.15 is typo warning. Now, when you’re typing in a contact’s email address and you mistype their address you’ll see a red rectangle appear. Hopefully, you’ll notice your error and go back and change it before sending your message into the void.

The last change pertains to storage limits. In this update, you will get a more prominent warning when your inbox is 90% full. It’ll urge you to manually free up space or buy more storage. Once the inbox is completely full, a prominent banner will tell you that you’re out of space and that you won’t get any more messages.

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