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Qualcomm could make PC processors, fight with AMD & Intel

Qualcomm is well known for making processors for a number of smartphones and tablets. Now a Fudzilla story claims that an executive company could move into Intel and AMD's territories and make processors for PC desktops and notebooks.

The info comes from a chat with Qualcomm's Senior Vice President Enrico Salvatori. The article seems to suggest that Qualcomm's plans for notebooks and desktop processors are very much a long term goal for the company so you shouldn't expect to these kinds of chips being provided in the near future. The story hints there is an outside chance that an ultraportable notebook that runs Windows 8 could be released in late 2012.

Qualcomm makes processors based on the design created by ARM. NVIDIA is also making smartphones and tablets processors with ARM-based designs and has hinted that it might provide chips for desktops and notebook PCs as well. All of this talk has to worry AMD and especially Intel, who haven't made much of an impact in the growing smartphone and tablet markets. At the same time, PC notebooks and desktops, where Intel and AMD dominate, have seen a slowing of sales growth over the years.

Competition in any business market is always a good thing. It usually inspires companies to innovate and come up with new ideas for their products. If Qualcomm does indeed want to enter the desktop PC business at some point we would welcome it and would hope that Intel and AMD would respond by releasing processors that would try to top anything that Qualcomm comes out with.

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