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Rectify11 3.0 RC is out, promises a proper dark mode for Windows 11, consistency, and more

A Windows 11 logo with starts next to it

There is no doubt that Windows 11 is a beautiful operating system with great visuals and effects, especially when you compare it to Windows 10 and its ascetic looks. Still, Windows is Windows, which means numerous inconsistencies and questionable design decisions. Some users do not care, some try to mend the OS with third-party apps, and some resort to heavy customization utilities and deep-level modifications. Rectify11 is just for that type of customer.

Rectify11 developers released the first version 3.0 Release Candidate, giving users a glimpse of what will come in the final version. The project promises better scaling with consistent controls, a better user interface with reworked icons and enhanced context menus, a "truly consistent" dark mode, enhanced performance, Windows Gadgets for those missing the Windows Vista era, and an overall better experience than "vanilla" Windows 11.

A screenshot of the Rectify11 project

Although not all changes are available in the first Release Candidate, it offers the revamped dark mode (no more white copy-paste dialogs or properties windows), improved scaling, modernized icons, more Mica material, etc.

A screenshot of the Rectify11 project

You can apply Rectify11's magic to an existing Windows installation by downloading the project's files from GitHub. However, keep in mind that by doing so, you allow third-party software to modify system files on a deeper level. Therefore, you should mind potential privacy and stability risks. Besides, the release is not final, so it might be better to try the project on a virtual machine (Microsoft provides free VMs with Windows 11) or a spare device with nothing critical or vital on it.

A screenshot of the Rectify11 project
A screenshot of the Rectify11 project

Rectify11 uses different projects to revamp Windows 11, such as MicaForEveryone, Resource Hacker, AccentColorizer, SecureUxTheme, and more. You can try those standalone apps for changing a specific part of the operating system.

Would you install a third-party app on your PC to make Windows 11 look better and more consistent? Let us know in the comments below.

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