Rumor: Wii U could support two tablet controllers

When the Wii U was first announced back in June at E3 2011, Nintendo showed off its touch screen controller for its next game console. The controller will allow players to do things that have never been attempted in console games, including actions that link the tablet-like controller to the game being played on the main TV screen.

But people were disappointed to learn a little later that the Wii U could only allow for one of those tablet controllers to be used on the console at one time. But that could change before the Wii U is released. According to a story on the Develop web site, using unnamed sources, it claims that Nintendo is very close to solving this problem.

That means that when the Wii U ships sometime in 2012, it could allow two of its controller pads to be used on the console at the same time. You can hear a sign of relief from some Nintendo fans who have enjoyed playing multiplayer games like Mario Kart and others with their friends on the couch and fears that such co-op or multiplayer game support would not be available for the Wii U's tablet controllers.

This news means that co-op action games, racing titles, football games and many more could be supported by the Wii U via two of its native controllers. The story adds that it doesn't look like four player support will be made available but at least co-op fans, and there are a lot of them, won't be disappointed when the Wii U comes out next year.

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