Samsung LPDDR5X memory to be used on Snapdragon mobile platforms

Two Samsung memory chips

Qualcomm has certified Samsung’s LPDDR5X DRAM for use on its Snapdragon mobile platforms. The 14nm-based memory boasts 1.2 times faster speeds than those found in today’s premium smartphones which should help boost the performance of UHD video recording and AI features such as voice recognition.

Samsung’s Head of Memory Global Sales & Marketing, Jinman Han, said that Qualcomm’s certification was a “successful validation” of Samsung’s LPDDR5X solution and that he envisions that memory being used for other applications beyond smartphones including in data centres, PCs, cars, and more.

With the use of advanced circuit designs and dynamic voltage & frequency scaling (DVFS), the new memory is able to reduce power consumption by around 20%. The company said that it will accommodate the demand for premium DRAM products by developing low-power DRAM solutions that still deliver “greater performance”.

The Korean firm didn’t state how long it will take for the memory to arrive in smartphones but it seems as though Qualcomm is still in the beginning stages of developing Snapdragon products with this memory so it could take a while yet.

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