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Samsung's uber fast 8.5Gbps LPDDR5X RAM is coming soon to a Qualcomm Snapdragon near you

Samsung lpddr5x memory running at 8 and half Gbps

Samsung has managed to maximize the potential of its LPDDR5X memory solutions. Towards the end of last year, the company had announced that it was beginning to produce the next-gen LPDDR (low power double data rate) DRAM solution that will be capable of running at speeds of 8.5Gbps. Today, the South Korean giant has announced that it has completed the joint validation of the 8.5Gbps LPDDR5X alongside Qualcomm. Hence, we should begin seeing such memory solutions paired up with Snapdragon chips soon as the sampling process begins to ramp up. For those unaware, earlier in the year, Qualcomm had tested and certified the use of Samsung's LPDDR5X on its SoCs.

Commenting on the announcement, Daniel Lee, the Executive Vice President of the Memory Product Planning Team at Samsung Electronics said:

The joint validation of 8.5Gbps LPDDR5X DRAM has enabled us to accelerate market-wide availability of this high-speed memory interface by more than a year, which is a tremendous accomplishment made possible through our long-standing collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies

In terms of how the new memory compares to previous iterations, Samsung's 8.5Gbps DRAM is around 13.33% faster than the previous 7.5Gbps chips. And compared to LPDDR5 non-X, it is nearly 33% ahead. Meanwhile, the capacity is expected to bump up to 64GB, though it is far more likely to be used in data centers rather than consumer phones.

The graphic below shows Samsung's progress in the LPDDR field, starting all the way back with 1.8Gbps LPDDR3:

Samsung LPDDR5X progression through the years

You can find the official press release here.

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