Samsung plans to release more Tizen phones in the future

It looks like Samsung is trying to place more hopes (and bets) on its homemade operating system, Tizen. According to a recent report by Reuters, the Korean tech giant is currently planning to launch more handsets running the aforementioned OS later this year.

As stated by Reuters' source, Samsung aims to launch devices at varying prices. The source was not able to give any further information regarding the company's future plans, and was not identified due to the sensitivity of the information being disclosed.

Back in 2014, it was reported that Samsung replaced Android for Tizen for its smartwatch OS. Furthermore, the company unveiled its real first Tizen phone, the Z, but it was reportedly killed before having a widespread launch.

Back in January, Samsung pushed its luck again on using the OS and launched the Z1. Despite the phone being marketed as an affordable and transitional device for those who wish to upgrade from feature phones, the company still experienced some difficulties and struggles with its sales and mass adaption. The device reportedly received a "frosty" welcome in India, and was censured for having a low-resolution camera, and a very weak app store.

However, more recently, hope seems to have shone on the sole Tizen smartphone. Not long ago, it was discovered that the Samsung Z1 was the top-selling smartphone in the country of Bangladesh.

It remains to be seen if Samsung will give more focus on its homemade operating system in the future asthe company looking for a mobile future beyond Android.

Source: Reuters | Images via Samsung Tomorrow

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