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Samsung releases an 'urgent software update' for its new Galaxy S7 edge

Last month, Samsung unveiled its newest Android flagships, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. While pre-orders opened soon afterwards in preparation for a mid-March release, some buyers have already received their devices.

Those lucky few who have got their hands on the Galaxy S7 edge, specifically, will soon see an 'urgent new software update' for the handset, as Phandroid reports. The update appears to be a small patch - just 3.32MB in size - and the only detail revealed about it is the 'Edge screen' tag.

Indeed, there's no indication at all of what exactly the update fixes or improves about the edge screen function - which you can learn a bit more about in our hands-on with the device - but given that the update is marked as 'urgent', it's probably best to install it.

The update was first spotted by a user on Twitter, but if it's not yet appearing on your S7 edge, you should be able to manually initiate it via the Settings menu; however, it seems likely that it will also be pushed to handsets in the coming days.

Source: @tkdsl8655 via Phandroid

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