Samsung's canceled foldable smartphone shows up in leaked images

It seems like for years companies have been talking about a wanting to produce a phone with a foldable display. While OLED technology has been available for quite some time, we have yet to be able to go into a store and purchase a handset with a foldable display. Although Samsung appears to be quite close to releasing something to the public, it looks like the firm has been dabbling with the idea for quite a few years. A new set of images shows an unreleased smartphone, with a folding design, offering thus two displays.

If the design looks familiar, you're probably thinking about ZTE's Axon M, which made its debut late last year. The handset has a similar design to Samsung's, making use of a hinge to meld two displays together, to create a folding smartphone. We can see why Samsung might have scrapped the idea, as it isn't all that elegant, and the base of the handset is quite thick. The device pictured, with the model number SM-G929F dubbed Project V, was more than likely produced sometime during 2015-2016.

As you can probably surmise, this device won't be coming to market. Luckily, it looks like a true foldable phone could arrive soon, since Samsung reportedly showed off a demo unit at the top of the year. Despite information pointing to a 2019 release, it could be costly, coming in at around $2,000.

Source: MMDDJ_ (Twitter) via Android Police

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