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SanDisk to release 16GB M2 & microSDHC cards

SanDisk have announced that they will be releasing their 16GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) cards this month. The increasing size of mobile storage cards has meant that mobile phones have been able to function better as media players too, although often the interface is something of a letdown.

16GB is the largest capacity available for either card at the moment - and at cost too. The 16GB microSDHC is recommended to sell at $119.99, with the 16GB M2 card coming in at $129.99. However, with more phones coming with better music playing facilities (such as the Sony Ericsson Walkman range, amongst others) supporting higher quality codecs, the new cards will appeal to many mobile music fans.

"As consumers listen to music, view photos, take and watch videos on their phones, the need for high-capacity removable mobile phone memory cards that can quickly transfer these files increases," said SanDisk. The cards also come bundled with a USB card reader supporting the cards.

Whilst many will stick with their iPods and MP3 players, the larger capacity will appeal to many mobile phones owners. Although they can't be compared to an iPod just yet, mobiles are gradually becoming more functional – the iPhone and Google Android are examples of this (they are usually put in the Smartphone category; the point remains though). SanDisk gave no specific date, but said that the cards would be shipped out this January.

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