Sea of Thieves' next update will bring cats, overhauled trading companies, and more

The next monthly content update to Sea of Thieves is named Ships of Fortune, and it is landing on April 22. A bunch of features that the update will be bringing over to the pirate adventure game were detailed by Rare during the special Inside Xbox online presentation today, showcasing a new pet type - cats -, an overhaul to trading companies, and more.

Following the update, pirates will be able to represent a trading company they enjoy - Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls or Athena’s Fortune - by being an emissary for one. This will let players fly special Emissary flags that will increase the gold rewards for loot they turn in.

However, to hunt these emissaries, a brand new company is being introduced to the game - The Reaper’s Bones. Pirates who join this company are given the objective of taking out and stealing the valuable loot of emissaries from other, more peaceful, trading companies.

The competitive Arena mode is getting an overhaul too, with maps being replaced by a single beacon-lit chest that all crews can see at all times. Moreover, for both Adventure and Arena, Rare is adding a revive feature that will let pirates get brought back to life by their crew members. The opportunity will only be available for a short time after death.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, arriving as the newest pets are cats. There will be three breeds of cats arriving with the update - Wildcat, Ragamuffin, and Mau - joining the monkeys and parrot variants already available in the game. Just like other pets, cats will be available through the Pirate Emporium for purchase.

More information about these additions as well as some unannounced features will be detailed on the Ships of Fortune launch day, April 22. Don't forget that Sea of Thieves is also coming to Steam, though a release date hasn't been announced yet.

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