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See landmarks in 3D as Apple launches a revamped Maps in Finland, Sweden, and Norway

Latest features in Apple Maps

Apple has launched a new version of Maps for users in Finland, Sweden, and Norway, that offers more detailed routes with a better overview of roads and improved navigation.

With the latest update, Maps in the above-mentioned countries will display roads and landmarks in 3D by running Apple’s Look around feature, which shows street-level imagery in 3D much like Google Street View. Some of the landmarks include Palmhuset in Sweden, Akershus fortress in Norway, and Olofsborg in Finland.

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services, Eddy Cue, expanded on the latest Maps features by mentioning:

“Maps are the best way to explore and navigate the world while protecting your privacy. We're excited to offer even more users this experience with the new features we're launching today. Maps have been redesigned from the ground up with better navigation, greater detail and more accurate location information. It also includes great features that only Apple can offer, including Look Around and Natural Language Guidance. Now it's easier than ever to find exciting places and get where you want to go."

Moreover, Apple is adding navigation in natural language so directions from Siri are easier to follow. There are also features like lane guidance to prevent wrong turns and speed cameras that notify users of incoming speed checks. Additionally, the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) can be shared with relatives, accidents can be safely reported, and nearby charging spots for electric cars can be found.

Overview of different places in Oslo
Detailed overview of places in Oslo, Norway

The company blog post mentions more Maps capabilities that are now available to users:

  • The 3D Cities feature displays an incredible amount of detail for residential areas, shopping districts, marinas, buildings and more. Now users can see elevation differences in cities, new road signs and specially designed landmarks in cities such as London in the UK, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington DC in the US, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, and Vancouver and Montreal in Canada.
  • Favorites make it possible to navigate to frequently visited places with a single tap. Regardless of whether you want to go home or to work, the gym or school, you can just press and go when a place is shown as a favorite on the home screen.
  • With Flyover it is possible to display realistic, immersive 3D views of selected metropolitan areas. Users can experience a city from above by moving the device in the air or explore the city in high resolution by zooming, panning, tilting and rotating around the city and among the landmarks.
  • Thanks to Indoor Maps for airports and shopping centers, it is possible to just open the Maps app and see what floor you are on, where the toilets are and even which shops and restaurants are open.

Users in Finland, Sweden, and Norway can also find the nearest stations or stops or pin their favorite lines when using public transport. They can get the transit updates feature in iOS 16 that helps plan trips, add transit Wallets, and more.

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