Sony goes after a mod chip company

Looks like Sony is now going after a mod chip comany. Channel Technology's owner "Gazza" says that Sony is forcing it to to stop distributing a PlayStation mod-chip product. This week, also saw Sony going after

Gazza says that the mod-chip can be used for legal purposes, such as playing imported games from other countries and regions and being able to view certain titles in full-screen mode at 60hz resolution on PAL consoles.

On his site, Gazza enters a lengthy dialogue on the ins and outs of how various alternatives work and how Messiah remains a useful addition to the PS2. He notes that certain other mod-chips, widely sold across the Internet, are built to only play unlicensed or pirated media, whereas Messiah is able to perform various legal functions (as well as the illegal ones). But, as he summarises further on: Messiah does not play pirate software, humans do.

It's the chips ability to play copied and pirated titles that has annoyed Sony enough for it to stamp down on two UK-based mod-chip distributors - Channel Technology and - forcing them to stop sales of their products with immediate effect.

News source: The Register

View: Channel Technology web site

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