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Sony updates PS3 internals

Sony has quietly updated the internals of the PlayStation 3. Japanese tech site PocketNews reports that the 65nm RSX GPU has been replaced with a smaller, more power efficient 40nm version, similar to the ‘slim’ iteration of the Cell processor. The memory configuration of the system has also changed from a 4x64MB XDR RAM chip setup to a 2x128MB layout. 

This results in cheaper manufacturing costs for Sony, and an overall reduction in size of the cooling components and power supply. Engadget pegs the total power reduction of the new internals to be at around 15%.

Sony hasn’t commented on this recent update, but it should help them cut costs on a machine that is still bordering on profitability. Sony has been very proactive about updating the internals of the PS3 over its lifespan, and we may see Microsoft attempt a similar move at this year’s E3 if recent rumors are to be believed.

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