Sony updates PSX range in Japan

Sony is bringing out new versions of its multi-function game consoles, digital video recorder and DVD burning device. This device dubbed PSX will first be brought to the Japanese market next month. There are two version the first being DESR-5000 and DESR-7000. Sporting a 160Gb & 250Gb hard drive. One of the new features is the ability to create interactive menus for your DVDs. With over fifty different templates you're not going to be bored easily.

New versions of Sony's multi-function games console, digital video recorder and DVD burning device, the PSX, are set to arrive in Japan at the start of next month - with a host of software changes to add extra functionality to the device. Both versions of the PSX - the DESR-5000 and the DESR-7000, sporting 160Gb and 250Gb hard drives respectively - will be upgraded, with new version numbers 5100 and 7100 being slapped on the chassis.

However, the actual hardware will remain exactly the same - the only difference will be that the DESR-5100 will be available in a limited edition silver model as well as the standard white colour, and more splitter cables and antenna cables will be included in the box to work around the system's lack of pass-through sockets for TV signals.

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